An enchanting evening of Versace Dylan Purple :

This past week I was invited to the launch of  Versace's newest fragrance - Dylan Purple by @DaveLackie and @Scent Lodge. I was honoured and excited to learn about this new fragrance that was created by Christophe Raynaud in close collaboration with  Donatella Versace.  The scent transports and entices you to an endless summer with an … Continue reading An enchanting evening of Versace Dylan Purple :


Beauty Advent Calendar – my review

This year I decided to spoil myself and splurge on a Beauty Advent Calendar from the The Bay - which is an iconic Canadian Department Store.   Every year I try and get the kids different types of advent calendars that aren't chocolate.   Last year the Beauty Advent Calendars sold out super fast at … Continue reading Beauty Advent Calendar – my review

Silk’n Heated EYelash curler -Review

I had been looking for a new eyelash curler for quite some time, I have had the same metal style one for many years - probably since my teens. This curler does the job but I still find my lashes drooping by the end of the day and once the rubber starts to go, eyelashes … Continue reading Silk’n Heated EYelash curler -Review

My review – Hydra Filling Eye Gel-Cream by Neostrata

Last week I received a full size bottle of Hydra Filling Eye Gel- Cream by Neostrata from Influenster Canada to try and review. I have been reviewing all sorts of products and services on Influenster for quite some time and was super excited to be chosen for one of their Beauty Vox box campaigns. Once … Continue reading My review – Hydra Filling Eye Gel-Cream by Neostrata

Why I got a Lash Lift –

Last year I decided to get lash extensions, I have never thought of it before as my lashes are long to begin with.  I have straight long lashes and need to curl and add mascara daily.   Lash extensions are superb, no fuss just get up and go. Only problem I found was the filling … Continue reading Why I got a Lash Lift –

My review of Native Deodorant –

After seeing many ads about Native Deodorant, my curiosity peaked.  The deodorant that I have been using for the past few years all of a sudden starting giving me a rash - I contacted the company to see if they formula had been changed.  After learning the deodorant was the same , I figured I … Continue reading My review of Native Deodorant –

How to get a Gel Home Manicure 💅🏻

I really like the way my nails look after I get a shellac manicure, but the removal is what I'm not thrilled with. The last few times I've gone, they always bring the drill out to remove the polish, even if I ask them not to use it, they still do, I'm finding in my … Continue reading How to get a Gel Home Manicure 💅🏻

My review – Vitry Nail Repair Treatment –

I love to have a nicely manicured finger nails,  but don't like to have to wait for nail polish to dry .... shocker.  As a result I have been getting  Shellac nail polish on my nails for quite some time.  I go through spurts where I have Shellac on for quite a while then I … Continue reading My review – Vitry Nail Repair Treatment –

Guerlain – Midnight Recovery

Midnight Recovery by Guerlain is a miracle in a bottle and a must have in a travellers skin care regime - in my opinion. Travelling is hard not only in the body , but on the skin. Long flights are extremely dehydrating , while on my latest 15 hour flight to Hong Kong , I … Continue reading Guerlain – Midnight Recovery

Beauty meets Finance

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Beauty Finance event hosted by Dave Lackie.  Such a great topic, learning how to get control or your finances and 2019 spring beauty trends all in one night. The event took place at the Assante Wealth Management Offices in downtown Toronto, with Jay Papernick and Maria … Continue reading Beauty meets Finance

My review of G.M. Collin – Mature Perfection Day Cream

After running out of my day cream recently, and cold winter temps upon us, I was looking for something a bit heavier and with a heck of a lot of hydration.  My skin was dull, dry and just plain icky looking.  My skin was in need of serious help.  I booked a facial since everything … Continue reading My review of G.M. Collin – Mature Perfection Day Cream

Givenchy – L’Interdit Fragrance Launch

When you get picked to attend a @davelackie event, it is the most amazing feeling.  This is how I felt a few weeks ago when Dave announced the winners names and I was to be among the lucky twitter followers 💃🏻(cue a happy dance). This prestigious event was for the launch of Givenchy L’Interdit, a … Continue reading Givenchy – L’Interdit Fragrance Launch