My review – Hydra Filling Eye Gel-Cream by Neostrata

Last week I received a full size bottle of Hydra Filling Eye Gel- Cream by Neostrata from Influenster Canada to try and review.

I have been reviewing all sorts of products and services on Influenster for quite some time and was super excited to be chosen for one of their Beauty Vox box campaigns.

Once I received my neostrata Hydra Filling Eye Gel Cream Vox Box l started using it straight away. With the first application I noticed that my under eye area felt smoother, and softer.  Only using it for one week I have noticed that my under eye area looked more hydrated and the lines are softer. This is my first time using this product and really like it . There is no heavy scent, very light in texture (since it’s a gel-cream it isn’t very heavy) and absorbs into the skin very quickly. My skin seems a bit tighter, but I don’t really have saggy undereye skin to begin with.   I can’t wait to see how my under eye will look after using it a month.  I would totally recommend this product . I have used many undereye creams , ranging from mid price to high price, and I am seeing results fairly quickly.  My skin isn’t flaky or dry, it feels more hydrated.  It’s $48 C for a 15ml tube.  

I have always used an eye cream, so was happy to try this new gel – cream formula.  I usually tend to stay away from a product with AHA, in fear that it would leave my skin feeling dry and looking flaky.  However,  I learned that Neostrata eye cream contains Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA) , Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, E and C and not AHA.   

AHA vs. PHA –  Polyhydroxy Acids are larger molecules than AHA, therefore taking longer to penetrate the skin, therefore not exfoliating the skin quite as strongly as an AHA would.  

Have you used this eye cream or any other Neostata skin care products? If so how did you like it? 





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