Beauty meets Finance

💫  A Dream Without A Plan Is A Wish 💫 

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Beauty Finance event hosted by Dave Lackie.  Such a great topic, learning how to get control or your finances and 2019 spring beauty trends all in one night.

The event took place at the Assante Wealth Management Offices in downtown Toronto, with Jay Papernick and Maria Paula Diaz, chatting to us about finances and Dave showing us beauty trends for Spring 2019.

Finances can be a tricky subject, so many aspects to financial planning that it can be overwhelming and hard to understand.  The best advice from the evening  –    💫  A Dream Without A Plan Is A Wish 💫 

Here are a few tips that I learned:

  • start by asking questions – set up an action plan
  • money is a tool – how you approach money depends if it will be bad or good
  • if you have a goal and don’t know how to get there – go to a financial advisor to help you with any questions you have and help you set up a financial plan
  • set a financial goal – know you should but don’t always do it
  • need a place to start – mindful spending  (this is one I need to work on)
  • when you pick a financial advisor make sure its someone you trust, someone who is real, and understands your needs and do what they say they will do
  • Your plan needs to be adaptable, the plan you build today won’t be relevant in 5 years – change as needed
  • think about what money means to you !! this is a great place to start
  • use a simple spreadsheet, monthly or bimonthly depending on when you get paid  –
  • your net worth  – what you have to what you owe should be updated on a quarterly basis



Beauty Trends – Spring 2019

  • skin and hair care are huge trends
  • Drunk elephant and Tatcha products are up and coming brands to watch – both available at Sephora
  • pop up shops such us the Benefit Cosmetics Pop up on Melrose in LA are huge trends which will continue to grow
  • Tiffany Sheer – a lighter interpretation of the original signature fragrance, a vibrant floral fragrance that boasts notes of blackcurrant, vert de mandarin, ylang ylang, noble iris and rose oil
  • Scandal – a new fragrance by Jean Paul Gautier – a  delicious scent of  fresh honey,  gardenia and blood orange perfect for daytime wear
  • a beautiful collector face powder pallete from Burberry
  • Big tip of the night –  the longer you stick with your skin care line the better it works jumping from brand to brand and product to product isn’t good for your skin
  • Trying new products is great but sticking to some faithful products is much better for your skin
  • Fragrances are not gender specific – if you love a fragrance …. wear it


Thank you for having me, so blessed to be part of this amazing event, catching up with friends and meeting new ones.  Always a pleasure to attend one of Dave’s events, not to mention the amazing goody bag of minis that we all got to take home.



















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