My review – Vitry Nail Repair Treatment –

I love to have a nicely manicured finger nails,  but don’t like to have to wait for nail polish to dry …. shocker.  As a result I have been getting  Shellac nail polish on my nails for quite some time.  I go through spurts where I have Shellac on for quite a while then I take a break and go “au natural ” for a while.  My nails constantly break, split or flake after I take off the shellac,   I was in the market for a new hardener, since taking off my Shellac,  when I came across Vitry.  I love trying new products so this one was one I wanted to try.

Vitry is a company from France that has been around since 1795,  over 200 years.  In 1955 Vitry began to sell high end manicure tools in pharmacies.   In 2005 Vitry began to sell its nail care products.   Vitry products are widely known for the quality.   It’s a very innovative company that offer a full range of manicure products.

I bought the Vitry Nail Repair Treatment.  This product will strengthen weak nails in 2 weeks.  Currently I am on week 1 without my Shellac and my nails do seem a bit stronger.  I used it as a base coat under my  Essie Gel Couture nail polish.  I applied one coat on clean dry nails, it doesn’t take too long to dry and then I applied a light  colour nail polish on top.

Nail Repair Treatment – Can be used as a hardener as well as a base coat. The formula comes in regular and sensitive (which contains no formaldehyde).  It is available in either shiny or matte formula.  It’s best to re-apply every 2 days, making sure to remove and then re-apply.  After 2 weeks your nails will be stronger and longer.

So far I am totally impressed with this product and would totally recommend to anyone with weak, soft nails.  The cost for a 10 ml bottle is  $23.50 and can be found at most pharmacies across Canada as well as on line at Nail Polish Canada.

What is your favourite nail hardener and does it work?





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