FOTD – May 31, 2020

FOTD - for Cee's FOTD photo challenge -  Not sure the name of this pretty flower, but loved how small and delicate this was.    xoxo M💞

24 hrs in Tokyo –

Our last stop on our SouthAsian trip was Tokyo, we had been in contact with our travel agent to make sure we were still ok to stop there, as Covid 19 was circulating widely in Italy and seemed to be spreading, it was early March.   We had a few apprehensions but decided to to … Continue reading 24 hrs in Tokyo –

Reaching 200 posts –

Wow I can't believe I have written /post 200 posts.  When I started this journey, I wasn't even sure what I where I was going with this.  I would like to thank my followers  for supporting me, I never thought anyone would even like my posts when I started, I didn't even know how a … Continue reading Reaching 200 posts –

Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge 2020 Week #19

Here's my entry for XingfuMama’s Pull up a seat photo challenge.  I have 2 entries this week.  Both of these were taken at entrance of the Raffles Hotel bar. Enjoy xoxo M💞                              

Good Reading Habits Tag –

Big thanks to Cass over at Uniquely Cass - go over to her page and give her a follow - the rules of this tag is  - discuss your good reading habits, tag back to the original creator, and tag a few friends! Goodreads - I got the Goodreads app last spring.  I read quite a bit, … Continue reading Good Reading Habits Tag –

Exploring Singapore in 3 days –

We boarded a flight for Singapore from Phuket, on February 29 ..which now seems a life time ago.   So sunny and hot when we landed.   I actually didn't realize how close we were to the equator obviously my geography was way off. Our tour guides were Ryan and Serena.  We stayed at the … Continue reading Exploring Singapore in 3 days –