My review of G.M. Collin – Mature Perfection Day Cream

After running out of my day cream recently, and cold winter temps upon us, I was looking for something a bit heavier and with a heck of a lot of hydration.  My skin was dull, dry and just plain icky looking.  My skin was in need of serious help.  I booked a facial since everything I was using didn’t seem to help as much as I wanted/hoped.  Maybe all the over indulging I had done during the holidays and lack of sleep was finally catching up to me.

As always the facial felt amazing, felt like I lost 10 lbs (one can dream right)  my skin felt so hydrated , the radiance was back, no more dull/grey looking skin.  The products my aesthetician used were  by G.M.Collin which is a brand that is only sold in salons.   She suggested that I try the Mature Perfection Day Cream, to keep my skin at optimal hydration levels.  Mature Perfection Day cream is an anti-aging cream specifically formulated for mature skin which is experiencing dullness, dryness, loss of volume and wrinkles…..   This cream nourishes with intense hydration for a comfortable feeling skin. Your skin will look much smoother and hydrated.




I have been using Mature Perfection for 4 weeks now and I am so thrilled with the result.   My skin looks and feels much better.  My skin feels very comfortable, although the texture of the cream is heavy, once applied it doesn’t feel that way.   No greasy after feel either, just smooth and radiant looking skin.  Even with the extreme cold we have been experiencing my skin doesn’t feel or look dry, even when I have been out in the cold for a ski or skate.  This was defiantly well worth buying, the cost is $120 Cnd for a 50 ml jar.  Just a sidenote – this band is only sold at salons, they don’t sell their products on-line.  A bit of an inconvenience but this way you know you are getting the real deal and not an imitation product that hasn’t experienced and you get the luxury of a qualified aesthetician  to help you pick the correct product for your skin –

What adjustments have you made to your skin care to keep your skin looking great this winter season ??







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