About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog

Welcome, I’m Mariola, I’m a 50 something mom of 3 who is new to the blogging world. I love to travel and have an obsession with skin care, make-up, fashion and shopping.

I created this blog, to share information on subjects that I am passionate about. I love to share information about my experiences with products and places that I travel to.  In my previous life – I mean before kids, I was a cosmetic manager which helped fuel  my love of makeup and skin care.

I also have a passion for photography, I’m taking photography classes at a studio in Toronto. I love to share great photos that I have taken. I also like to excersise, I love to ski (both cross country and downhill), kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding (new to this), weight training and pilates.

I hope you enjoy my journey and stick around to read this blog.

You can find me on:

Instagram: @marioladaher

Twitter: @mov46

Healthy Hugs xoxo