Why I got a Lash Lift –

Last year I decided to get lash extensions, I have never thought of it before as my lashes are long to begin with.  I have straight long lashes and need to curl and add mascara daily.  

Lash extensions are superb, no fuss just get up and go. Only problem I found was the filling every 3 weeks , not only the cost but the time. I paid $120 plus tip every 3 weeks, not to mention the hour every 3 weeks if I pushed to 4 weeks it was considered a new set. After about 4 months , I let them all fall out and went au natural… oh my what a shock …. my once great lashes were no more .. now skimpy and sparse. I used rapid lash to bring them back .. not bad , I got the length back but not the fullness.

my lashes using Rapid Lash

Once I got my lashes back I decided to get a lash lift and tint. It’s basically a perm for the lashes , and dying it makes it unnecessary for mascara. I like blue black .. a bit richer than black. But they were still a bit skimpy, I have used lash serums before , not sure how much I’ve spent trying to find the right serum for fuller lashes. I had some success with rapid lash , but my lashes still didn’t look amazing. One day talking with a friend , I noticed how great her lashes were and asked her where she got her extensions done. I was amazed when she confessed they were her own lashes just lifted and dyed. She told me she was using a serum called Eye Envy. I picked up a bottle the next time I was at the salon. When I told my daughter about it , she also expressed interest. So I gave her my bottle and then bought another for myself , that happened to be the Saturday before full lockdown quarantine began in March. I’ve been using it faithfully since March, using it exactly as they say . For the first 3 months use every day and then every 2nd day to maintain. My lashes are much fuller and longer , some are helter skelter, the outer corners are so long, it totally looks like I forgot to take some of the extensions out, when I put mascara on them , they actually look strange to me anyways. Today I had a lash lift and tint and the technician was surprised how long my lashes were. I told her that I started using Eye Envy – I’m very happy with the outcome and would totally recommend this product.

my lashes after using Eye Envy since March – the mask isn’t so bad either

Have you had success with lash serums – I’d love to know which ones work for you?




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