Silk’n Heated EYelash curler -Review

I had been looking for a new eyelash curler for quite some time, I have had the same metal style one for many years – probably since my teens. This curler does the job but I still find my lashes drooping by the end of the day and once the rubber starts to go, eyelashes get caught in there and get pulled out. I had heard about some brands so I looked at the all and decided to stay with my regular one. I got an email from Silk’n (since i own a few of their products) about a sale they were having in November – black friday deals. I noticed that they sold a heated eyelash curler and it was half price. After reading about the product, I decided to order and it was on sale for $17.50 Cdn, regular price is $35.99 Cdn.

The product arrived very quickly, about a week. I put in the 2 AAA batteries (which it did not come with). The silicone pad is red in colour and when it heats up, it goes clear. I start curling my lashes upwards at the base for 5 sec, then move to the middle of my lashes for 5 sec and then do the tips for another 5 sec, voila lashes curled – then I apply my mascara. The device doesn’t get too hot, it’s warm and there is no fear of getting burned as it won’t get that hot. My lashes last all day with no drooping – I have long lashes to begin with but they are straight even with mascara alone they will not curl – a regular curler only lasted a few hours before the drooping started.

l love this product so much that I bought one for my daughter for one of her stocking stuffers. The package said it was supposed to come with an extra silicone pad but I didn’t receive one, I’ll figure that out once I need to replace it.

I would recommend this product.




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