Guerlain – Midnight Recovery

Midnight Recovery by Guerlain is a miracle in a bottle and a must have in a travellers skin care regime – in my opinion.

Travelling is hard not only in the body , but on the skin. Long flights are extremely dehydrating , while on my latest 15 hour flight to Hong Kong , I drank a minimum of 3 litres , yes lots of bathroom trips but worth,  it for not feeling puffy or bloated.

That evening my beauty regime included Midnight Recovery – I got this bottle A while back while in NYC , I think I got one of the last few bottles , now it’s only available in a 15ml tube ($38.00 CND) instead of a 30ml bottle. When I travel, particularly to different time zones, I take this product with me. I use it nightly after I cleanse my skin, before applying my night cream.


it relaxes and refresh’s the skin so it looks like you slept a lot when you haven’t. The researchers at Guerlain developed  Hydronoctine , a special formula with active ingredients that allow the skin to recover quicker during the night. Circulation and cell oxygenation is boosted, which helps to decongest, reduce puffiness and smooth the appearance of visible signs of tiredness, while limiting the harmful effects of free radicals, leaving your complexion looking radiant.

What do you do when you travel or just lack sleep  to keep your skin looking its best??






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