An enchanting evening of Versace Dylan Purple :

This past week I was invited to the launch of  Versace's newest fragrance - Dylan Purple by @DaveLackie and @Scent Lodge. I was honoured and excited to learn about this new fragrance that was created by Christophe Raynaud in close collaboration with  Donatella Versace.  The scent transports and entices you to an endless summer with an … Continue reading An enchanting evening of Versace Dylan Purple :


April update –

I can't believe how fast this year seems to be going. Seems like so much has been happening that I can't keep track. Since measures have been lifted recently, seems like 2022 is going b quick - maybe because we have been in lockdown for so long, now that we can move around its a … Continue reading April update –

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my followers - thank you for all the love you have shown me this year by stopping by and having a look. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!! Hopefully 2022 won't be a repeat of ground hog day from March 2020 xoxo M💞

Reaching 200 posts –

Wow I can't believe I have written /post 200 posts.  When I started this journey, I wasn't even sure what I where I was going with this.  I would like to thank my followers  for supporting me, I never thought anyone would even like my posts when I started, I didn't even know how a … Continue reading Reaching 200 posts –