FOTD – June 13, 2019

FOTD - June 13 for Cee's FOTD challenge  - Gerbera  

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Fountains

Happy Friday I  like Cee's photo challenges, as it forces me to get out and shoot some photos and this week challenge is Fountains in black and white - check out her photos they are really great and her blog here. I hope you enjoy this photo.    

Photographing the Night Sky –

I have been taking photography classes and recently went on a field-trip to learn to take photos at night.  subject Toronto city skyline.  I arrived, tripod in hand and ready.  The instructor let us set up and then advised us on what our camera setting should be at to get a good photo.  I set … Continue reading Photographing the Night Sky –

Working on perfecting my photography skills:

I have always enjoyed taking photos, I started with the compact point and shoot, then I moved to a Canon one shot camera, which had a built in lens, then it was time to move to a DSLR camera, I didn't want anything too heavy or complicated at the beginning and got a Canon T3i, … Continue reading Working on perfecting my photography skills: