Working on perfecting my photography skills:

I have always enjoyed taking photos, I started with the compact point and shoot, then I moved to a Canon one shot camera, which had a built in lens, then it was time to move to a DSLR camera, I didn’t want anything too heavy or complicated at the beginning and got a Canon T3i, i was able to change lenses & get a bit more creative with what I was going to photograph.

I decided to take photography courses so I could learn manual photography.  This has alway been a daunting button on my camera, I stayed away from this as I didn’t know the first thing about switiching to manual.  When I got my 1st DSLR Canon T3i camera, I used the automatic setting or the sports mode setting.  The pictures turned out good but I strived to do better and to know how to get from taking a good photo to hopefully taking a great photo.  I was searched the internet for courses that I could take.  I wanted something that was hands on as well as in class.

I took a few courses through a photography store, it was a one day workshop on photo 101… well that was not a good fit for me.  The amount of information that came at me was so overwhelming, all it did was confuse me further and definitely made me stay away for the M mode….. i took 201 just in case that would clarify things …….heck no.   The only thing I learned in those 2 classes combined was to use the P mode (on a canon camera).  But that didn’t alway give me the best pictures, colours were off at times, so here I was looking again. Next I thought I would look into the local community college and see what they offered.  After reading it, I thought this looks more hands one and it was weekly for about 8 weeks.  Very excited to try start this course, but again disappointed……the instructor was strange, and all he would point out was that whatever mistake we make could be easily fixed in photo shop – I was not there to learn photo shop  and it wasn’t a photo shop class.  There was no homework, we took only a few pictures during class, with little explanation.  I managed to learn a few things, not much and totally not enough to shoot in Manual.  So my search was on again.  Hoping 3rd time would be a charm……

Somehow while surfing the internet I came across a studio downtown that looked great.   I contacted the school and signed up.  This was a year ago, I started with photo 101 – our first class we were told that we would only shoot in Manual and forget about the other buttons.  This sparked excitement and fear, the class was small and we were starting to shoot the first class.  The notes were fantastic, easy to follow and actually made sense to me.  We went on a field trip our last class to explore what we had learned.  I was very happy that my photos actually turned out and was much easier to than I thought.  With upcoming trips I was hoping that I would be a bit more confident to shoot in Manual.


Since that 101 class,  I took workshops for night photography, travel photography, product photography.  I just completed 201 – and I bought a new camera, I upgraded to a Canon 6d.  I opted to buy second hand this time, its one model down from the newest one that I was thinking of buying.  Its in great condition and with the $ I saved I was able get a Canon L series EF 24-105MM F4L II USM Lens, which I also got 2nd hand.  I can’t believe the difference in the photos that I have taken with this camera compared to my other one.  I wish I had made the jump to the new one before my trip to Africa instead of after. Oh well… I am re-doing the night photography in a few weeks so that I can learn where everything is on this camera and to hopefully sharpen my skills, I really find that taking great photos at night is an art & one that I aspire to… hoping to do a workshop shooting the night sky in the next few months…..


M 📷


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