My review on Soapwalla deodorant cream:

Hello Lovlies…

Today I want to talk to you about Soapwalla deodorant.  Last year I made the switch to a natural deodorant, read it here.  I have been using Weleda deodorant spray and have been very happy with the result, however I find that the wetness is still there, especially on hot/humid days.  With summer around the corner,  I started to look around.  My daughter told me about Soapwalla deodorant,  I searched & found it at the Detox Market here in Toronto and they have a point system for purchases you make.

Soapwalla is an organic/vegan deodorant cream. Soapwalla  is all natural and uniquely powerful.   Superfine vegetable powders and clays with a combination of essential oils,  absorb moisture, & discourage bacteria.  It is  long lasting.  There is the citrus scent essential oils blend and the lavender – tea tree and peppermint essential oil blend.

There is also a sensitive skin formulation which does not have baking soda in it, it has club moss , charcoal  to absorb excess moisture while naturally deodorizing, shea butter and jojoba to soothe and soften and  Cajeput and Palmarosa essential oils to discourage bacteria.

Application is super easy,  before I used it, I mixed the contents of the jar with my finger. I then use my finger to take some out of the jar and apply it to my underarms until it is absorbed.  Its very easy to apply and absorbs very quickly.  Once opened it is recommended to use within a year.  When left in the heat the product can separate and could liquify,  it is recommended that you put it in the freezer until it becomes a solid again and it is  ready to use once again.

It was very hot last week, over 30 degrees celsius with the humidity it was around 38 and I didn’t have any wetness or “stink”.  I was dry to the touch, yippee a win for me…. I am ready for the summer….  Cost $20.00 Cdn for a 57 g or 2 oz jar.


Let me know your thoughts on natural deodorants and which ones work for you..



M 💞



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