My review on making the switch from antiperspirant to deodorant

A few months ago, March to be exact I decided to “ditch” my clinical strength antiperspirant, which I have used for many years and decided to try a natural product without aluminum, which blocks the pores so that you don’t sweat, which is not so good for your body or health.

The first few weeks, were uneventful, I chose to use The Greeench Deodorant Powder by Lush. After using this product for a few weeks my underarms got itchy and red. I made the switch to Kai the takesumi detox deodorant stick, which is a bamboo charcoal deodorant. The redness disappeared and so I began the detox process. As promised I went through the stages of detoxing my underarms. Weeks one and two were minimal sweating, I could this ! Then week three I noticed more sweating and wetness, along with a bit of odour. I reapplied the deodorant stick a few times a day as needed, I found this helped with odour. By week four I found that I felt back to myself, with little odour and  wetness.
With the summer approaching I was hoping not to break down and go back to antiperspirants. While in Prague in May, which was very hot, I discovered another natural deodorant. I had a massage at the hotel I was staying at, after my shower I used the deodorant spray they had there and to my surprise I felt dry and didn’t sweat at all even though it was quite hot outside.   I went back to the spa to find out if I could buy the deodorant. Sadly I could not but was told where to go to buy it. The product is by Weleda and it’s a natural deodorant spray with no aluminum. I purchased 2 bottles (citrus deodorant and sage deodorant)  to bring back with me.  It is now July and I have not had to resort to using antiperspirants, I am happy with the deodorants I am using and have little to no wetness and odour.  I now go between the stick and the spray depending on my day.   I’m happy that I made the switch and that I detoxed all the toxins out of my underarms.



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