Guerlain – Météorites

I remember when Guerlain first launched Météorites – I was a student and as much as I coveted the product,  there was no way I could afford or justify this powder…..

After many, years I have re-discovered Météorites last spring when I purchased Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow Sheer liquid foundation.  This is a sheer light reflecting foundation that evens the skin tone which creates a more youthful looking complexion.  The foundation looks very natural, and leaves the skin feeling soft and looking radiant.  The sheer foundation is infused with rainbow perfecting technology, which means that it is infused with pearl pigments of red, blue, green and gold shades that blend subtly into the skin, giving the appearance of a more rested face.  There is a violet fragrance to the product,  which is the legendary scent of  Météorites,  some think it is a strong scent but I don’t find it strong,  and the scent dissipates quickly.   This product is good for all skin types, and doesn’t contain sulphates or paragons.  Baby Glow comes in 3 shades – Light 02, Medium 03, Gold/Dore 04. Cost is $65.00 Cdn.


After using this product, I figured I should follow up with the Météorites powder.  I finally purchased this product in the fall, I really like the way this powder reflects the light to give the skin a “glow.”  This iconic handcrafted pearls have been re-invented, each pearl contains a spherical pigment known as Stardust Technology (which is exclusive to Guerlain).  This formula reflects the light when it comes in contact with the skin, each shade has a correcting action.

The Météorites  pearls are delicate, and continue to be hand-crafted by only 4 people in the world who have mastered this craft and are paraben free.  Meteorites come in 3 shades – Clair 02, Medium 03 , and Dore 04.  Cost is $77.00 Cdn





How to use this product  – Sweep over the pearls with a brush ( Meteorites Brush is recommended).  Apply the powder evenly all over the entire face.

If you have tried this product let me know your thoughts??



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