Happy Easter Lovlies:

Easter is a time of reflection, new beginnings and hope.   I wanted to share this beautiful poem I came across by  Joanna Fuchs, who is a famous poet.

“On Easter We Celebrate Love,
Love Coming Down From Heaven,
Love Blanketing The Earth
In A Transforming Embrace;
Unique And Infinite Love,
Giving More Than We Can Imagine
For Us, To Cleanse Our Sin,
A Perfect Sacrifice, Lamb Of God,
The Walking, Talking Word.
He Is Teacher, Role Model, Friend,
This God In Human Form,
Dying, Then Rising From The Dead,
Proving All Who Believe
Will Also Rise
To Have Eternal Life, With Him,
Lord Of All.
Oh, Happy, Happy Easter!”





Wishing you all a very Happy Easter Sunday!


M  💞🌻🐰



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