My evening at Fume Scent Lounge:

Last week, February 13th I was lucky to attend a cocktail party hosted by  @davelackie at #fumescentlounge, which is located in Hudson’s Bay, Yorkdale.  #Fumescentlounge is the only one in the world which happens to be located here in Canada.  I was so excited to attend this cocktail party  with guest speaker Diane Sonneberg, VP of marketing  for Coty prestige.



#Fumescentlounge is re-inventing the fragrance experience in an artistic way.  Everything about fragrance is art… the bottle design, the scent, finishing up with the ad campaign.

The concept of picking out a fragrance at fume scent lounge is very interactive. It was a concept that Diane Sonneberg dreamed up that involves the customer in every step of picking out a fragrance, either for themselves or for a gift.  There is an interactive screen, which in turn allows you to sit and play at the table .  After answering questions, 3 fragrances will be recommended, the inhalers will light up so you can pick them up and smell them.  To find out more about the fragrance, you place the inhaler on a scanner, this will give you the fragrance horoscope – the notes of the scents, who the perfumer is and when it was launched.

The concept of these inhalers are revolutionary as the beads already have the full scent of the fragrance, no need to wait for it to dry to smell it,  usually after smelling 3 fragrances your nose gets confused, with this concept you can try multiple scents without nose confusion.  Right now there are 9 fragrances in the system.  I really like this system as you don’t feel overwhelmed by trying too many fragrances at the same time.


The design of the fragrance bar is mimicked after “Apple’s” genius bar, where customers can just hang out and enjoy the experience.  The fragrance bar is a modern space with a spiral canopy.  The architect wanted to make the invisible visible,  his interpretation of what fragrance would look like if you could see it.

We were introduced to Marc Jacobs “Twinkle” fragrance, which is a new collection of limited edition scents based on the Daisy fragrances.  The bottles are a violet colour with gold and violet flowers on the caps.  “Twinkle” fragrances are fresher interpretations of the originals.


Daisy Twinkle – is more citrussy than the original and has a light scent with fruity notes such as wild berries, violet flowers and white woods.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle –   ingredients include sparkling raspberry, violet flower, wild rose blossoms and creme de cassis.

Daisy Dream Twinkle – this is different from classic Daisy Dream,  “twinkle”  is a clean scent with a burst of black cherry,  berry flavours, and fresh white florals.

All of these fragrances were developed by master perfumer Alberto Morillas.

All of the twinkle scents invoke endless summer and warm days………

It was such an honour to be part of this wonderful and special event, thank you @davelackie for inviting me and thank you for the amazing gift bag – a bottle of Daisy Eau so fresh, a clutch, a credit card holder for cell phone and daisy bracelets.  I felt so spoiled.

I would recommend going to the #fumescentlounge if you are in the Toronto area to experience this amazing fragrance journey for yourself.






















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