Finally Finished – A new adventure: hiring an interior designer

I have decided to update my family room. I have not changed the colour of the room or the decor in 12 years, yes it has been that long. The room still looks ok but i need to “refresh” it. I am in a decor rut and can’t seem to think of ideas for the room. So I decided to get some help. I hired an interior designer to help with the process,  I decided to hire MaryLynne Moschino from Allegro Interiors. So far nothing much has happened, had a few meetings to look at the designs and then just talking about my families likes and dislikes. We have decided on the same layout but with a few upgrades and a new colour for the room. I am looking forward to sharing this adventure on my blog.

Lots of options were presented along with a few colour palettes and we settled on one.
I did not realize how hard it is to pick out paint colour, swatches of fabric for a couch and other accessories for the room. Very overwhelming, I had make many decisions on items in the room that have just been a part of the room for the past 14 years but don’t actually look that great anymore.

We settled on an earthy pallette. We picked a Benjamine Moore paint called Ranch Wood and we ordered a sectional couch, our colour fabric choices range from pewter grey, , a charcoal and a smokey tan. So many decisions. We are also putting in a reading chair into the room which will add more seating to the room. As the room is coming slowing together I am getting quite excited and hope the choices I have made will be good ones. The kitchen also has to be repainted as the room is adjacent to the family room.


The furniture arrived in August, i absolutely love it. I never thought I would like the neutral walls in such a big space but it looks fantastic. Today all of the artwork was hung up. Almost done ! Just waiting for a few final touches and my family room will be complete.

My thoughts on hiring a designer, I found the while experience very positive and fun. It took a little longer than I hoped but in the end well worth it.


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