Power Rangers movie advanced screening:

I was extremely surprised when I found out I won 2 tickets to the advanced screening to the new Power Rangers movie at the Scotiabank Theatre, downtown Toronto. I won the tickets from Dlish Cupcakes in Toronto. Of course my family were a bit sceptical that I actually won, I downloaded my tickets and off we went.
I took my 16 your old son as he’s a huge Power Ranger fan. We arrived early so we could get great seats, there was already a line up. Many were dressed in their power rangers gear. By 6:25 the line was on the move, as we got closer to the entrance we were told that all phones , tablets,computers were to be handed over. We were a bit surprised but realized that since it was an advanced screening the promoters were taking precautions so nothing would be leaked before the movie’s premiere day on the 24th. It was kind of nice not having any cell phones ringing during the movie or even screens lighting up with people texting. We felt a bit strange not having the phone on us, however it  was actually nice not being connected for 2 hours during the movie and  realized that we didn’t miss out on anything “important.”
I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this movie. I will admit I knew nothing of the Power Rangers franchise before I went to see the movie. However I did not feel totally left in the dark about any of the characters. The costumes were awesome, not the spandex ones I remember from the tv shows way back when my kids were young and they watched the show.  The  visual effects where awesome. Of course I can’t give anything away, I would definitely recommend this movie for  Power Ranger fans and even non Power Ranger fans.  A movie the entire family can enjoy and walk out smiling.
I really enjoyed the experience of seeing this movie ahead of its release date and I had a great “date”night with my son. A great way to spend time together.




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