Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Rainbow Colours – 4+ colours

Here is my take on Cee's Fun Photo Challenge - Rainbow.   I took this with my lens ball at Blue Mountain in the Village. Enjoy M💞

Winter Where have you been?

As I write this we still have no snow in Southern Ontario !!!   FINALLY SNOW IS ON THE GROUND  and  as I am finishing up this post - it is raining ....  As a winter lover I am more convinced this year than ever  that global warming is truly upon us.... WHERE IS A … Continue reading Winter Where have you been?

Tips on Enjoying Canadian Winters:

While out for my cross-country ski yesterday morning, I was thinking how great it was to be outdoors enjoying an activity that was fun and still getting exercise.  I call it my outdoor gym.   I got to thinking that so many complain all winter on how cold it is and how much snow has … Continue reading Tips on Enjoying Canadian Winters: