April update –

I can’t believe how fast this year seems to be going. Seems like so much has been happening that I can’t keep track. Since measures have been lifted recently, seems like 2022 is going b quick – maybe because we have been in lockdown for so long, now that we can move around its a great feeling. We still have to be careful as the pandemic is far from over but with precautions we hope we get on with life- sound cliche I know but I think this is how we’ll have to navigate our new normal for a while still.

Wedding Planning

My daughter got engaged last year and we are so thrilled, what seemed like we had so much time to get things done , now seems way too close all of a sudden. The main things have all been booked, invitations have been sent – now the smaller details. She has picked out her dress and we are going to another fitting later this month. Words can’t describe how happy I and excited I am to see her in her gown, even if it is only the fittings. Also so blessed that I am able to share this amazing moment with her. But now I have to find a dress, which is easier said than done – before her wedding in October we have 2 more weddings to attend, one which is a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast. I have been to many places to look for a dress and I think I have narrowed down my selection – I also have to order my dress soon, so I will have it on time.


Life with Maverick the border collie you ask ?? Well he is getting much better behaved. I think I may have figured him out and he has figured me out. Our walks are much better, not as reactive as before – we have started a new training called games that train – I am learning how to distract him when i notice a “threat” coming our way or just turn around and go the other way. Maverick is responding very well and we are on our way to learning recall. We are hoping to get him into agility classes – he must learn his “stay” position until I give him the release signal – we are working on this everyday and his stay is getting better. I am learning that we have to teach him things using baby steps and not to expect to much straight away, and to set him up for success. Sounds easy – NOT. I did find some new treats that he loves and don’t upset his tummy.


I am slowly getting my creative self back, I am going on a photo workshop later this month – waterfalls – I love chasing waterfalls so this is perfect and hopefully I can learn how to take better photos of them – in August I am going on an Aurora workshop to Yellowknife, NorthWest Territories – this has been postposed 2 times due to the Pandemic. I ‘m super excited to go on this workshop and finally get to see the northern lights.

Do you have any big trips planned for 2022?? Are you ready to travel outside of the country?




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