An Evening of Bvlgari Elegance:

I was very fortunate to attend a fabulous event by @davelackie.  The newest fragrance by  Bvlgari –  for men Wood Neroli and Splendida Tubereuse Mystique for Ladies.

The event was held at Restoration Hardware Courtyard Cafe.  When I arrived I was greeted by Dave and found a seat.   The tables were set beautifully,  mini’s and floral bouquets in the centre of the table.   Since we were in a restaurant, Melanie Caplan (educator/ special events/ master class/ trainer for Bvlgari ) went from table to table to give us our own personal masterclass.


Wood Neroli – Alberto Morillas is the nose behind this newest fragrance by Bvlgari.  When you describe a fragrance, it consists of  branches – the trunk – and the roots.  The bottle (or flacon ) is inspired by a tree , a strong bottle for a strong man.  The cap is a brushed chrome to reflect the man in his urban environment.  The top notes are bergamot and neroli which is the flower from a bitter orange tree.  The neroli essence is extracted via deep distillation. Middle notes (heart of the fragrance) are orange blossom, virginia cedar and cypriol oil;  base notes (Root of the fragrance) are leather, white musk, amber, ambergris and woody notes.  The scent inspires nature and the Mediterranean sun.  It’s a long lasting fragrance that can be enjoyed by everyone, it’s unisex.   You can cocktail this fragrance with the original Wood Essence fragrance and depending on which order you apply the fragrance, the scent will be completely different.  Meaning you can wear either scents on their own or you can apply Wood Neroli first than apply Wood Essence, the scent you will get will  be completely different or you can apply wood essence first then wood neroli and create a whole different scent.  I haven’t tried this yet but will.  You can get 4 fragrances from 2 bottles to  make the scents your own.


Splendida – Tubereuse Mystique  –  The bottle is shaped like a woman – the top is the decollate,  the round curves of the bottle dictate that a woman has many soft curves  and  the gorgeous  bvlgari , bvlgari stamp.  The colour of the flacon is midnight or twilight blue.  The tubereuse flower can only be harvested at their peak during the blue hour (when it reaches its most fragrant state) and all of the flowers must be hand picked for 7 hours every night during harvest season.   There are 6 exclusive fields in India that grow the flowers for Bvlgari. Tubereuse flower can only grow in one spot once , after they flower they are treated and re-planted into another field.  Top notes: black currant, davana (fruity yet spicy); Heart: tuberose absolute ; Base: vanilla, myrrh (warm and leathery).



There is a very bewitching story behind the Tubereuse scent – only married women were allowed to wear tubereuse  because it  was said that if an unmarried woman wore it – she became be-witched and behaved wildly.  This was even thought  into Victorian England, married women only could wear fragrance with tubereuse.


This was my first time at the restaurant at Restoration Hardware, I was in awe of the ambience, looked like we were in an Italian restaurant somewhere other than a mall.  I had a glass of Prosecco, the appetizers arrived – a charcuterie board, and a cheese, tomato plate with bread.  For my main I ordered a lobster roll with salad, and then shared a banana split –  had some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and a cappuccino.  Dave surprised us all with a goody bag during dessert with our own  bottle of Wood Neroli and a bottle of Splendida Tubereuse Mystique.


Such an informative and fun evening , I  really liked the personal masterclass for each table, very intimate and loved learning about these amazing products from Melanie Caplan.   A  #protip we learned is that you can keep your fragrances in the fridge (not freezer) – it will make them last longer, shelf life of about 3 years as long as it’s a spray bottle. Another #protip –  spray your hair bush with the fragrance and brush your hair so the scent lasts longer on you.

Thank you @davelackie and @MelanieCaplan9 and her Bvlgari team – Jan and Nicholas – for this amazing experience – beyond grateful and blessed to be a part of this evening of Bvlgari Elegance, catching up with fellow twitter friends.  The evening felt like our own intimate dinner party even though we were in a busy restaurant.  An evening not to be forgotten.


Have you tried these new fragrances by Bvlgari?  Do you like the scent of these new fragrances?

Since I had so many photos, I decided to try my hand at making a “movie” out of them. Hope you enjoy this little change.





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