Fire and Ice – Photography workshop

A few weeks ago I signed up for a Fire and Ice photography workshop – I love seeing the photos of steel wool on fire spun around, always intrigued me on how to get the cool pictures.  When the opportunity came up to take this workshop, I signed up, it was supposed to be held last Sunday night but we had such high winds that it was not safe so it was postponed to last night.  There were 3 spinners and we all set up our tripods, put our cameras on the correct setting and presto, ready to take photos.  Since it is still winter weather,  I had to ensure that I kept warm, as we were to be outside for about 3 hours, in -6 degrees Celsius but -12  or -14 Celsius with the windchill.

This is what I wore –  I put on so many layers, at first I thought I was over doing it – long johns, ski socks, leggings, running shell pants and then my snow pants, tank top, max heat long sleeve shirt, sweater, Canada Goose long jacket… ski mittens, Sorel boots (which happened to be  hand me downs from my boys when they were young) Inside my boots I put Foot warmers – full insole – 5+ hours heat – I stuck a few body warmer on my back (didn’t work as well as I thought) and of course the hand warmers inside my mittens.  There I was ready …. so I hoped.


It was way cooler than I ever imagined ,  steel wool spinning and sparks flying everywhere.  I got some really cool photos, during the 3 hours, won’t lie, it was a bit chilly toward the end, but so worth it.  I would so do this again, but hopefully not colder than last night.


These are a few of my favourite photos from last night,




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