Magnetic mask – my thoughts –

Recently I was reminded about a product I used a while ago,  a magnetic mask by Dr. Brant, Magnetight Age-Defier mask.  This mask is ideal for all skin types.  This is an anti-aging, iron infused mask that needs to be removed with a magnet.  Strange, that’s what I thought when I first heard about it.  But always keen on trying new products, I set off to Sephora to purchase one.

Application/removal –  With the spatula that is included, apply to the face, a VERY  thin layer (this is very important), avoid the eye area, after 10 min take the triangle magnet – provided – wrap in tissue and proceed to remove.  I start at the forehead and move downwards  to remove all the mask.  Whatever is left on the skin, massage in and Voila you are done.  My skin felt so clean, smooth, hydrated and very soft.  My fine lines looked less visible but not long term. Use once or twice a week.

Remember I said a THIN layer – this is because if you apply too much  (a) wasting product (b) harder to remove, the magnet can only take off so much, it got stuck to the tissue and then I had a hard time getting it off the magnet as it kept sticking 😏

Let me know if you have tried this type of mask before and what you thought of it ??

M 💞




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