Customizing my own Lipstick at Guerlain-

After getting an email from Guerlain about the launch of their new lipstick cases,   I needed to see them for myself.   I went to the Guerlain counter where there was a  huge display of these  beautiful cases, with a double mirror  along side a display of  Rouge G de Guerlain Lipsticks.

There are about 15 different cases, some of which are limited editions, which were designed by jeweler Lorenz Bäumer.  I bought the French Mademoiselle,  its silver with little black polka dots on it.  It’s heavy, elegant, luxurious and I absolutely love it, having the double mirror on it is just an added bonus.  Cost is $20.00 , very reasonable for a quality product that you can buy refills for.

For the lipstick I chose No. 62 – a pink colour for the summer season.  I love the formula, it’s  creamy, velvety, with a long-lasting formula, and I really love the smell.  The lipsticks are formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.  The scents reminds me of lipsticks that my mom used to wear when I was a little girl many years ago.   Cost $36.00, fairly reasonable for a refill.

To my surprise I got another case for Mother’s Day – Gypsy Folk with the lipstick #520 – this is a pale colour, mostly a gloss, with a hint of colour, very moisturizing and hydrating on my lips.


I love all the cases and find it hard to stop at 2….😍 they are absolutely gorgeous, a win for Guerlain.  Very chic and luxe as well and it’s environmentally friendly.

Let me know what your think of these re-usable cases and if you own any?






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