Review- Pack Your Bags – 911 under eye rescue patches by Tarte

I recently picked up a box of Pack your bags – 911 undereye rescue patches –  by Tarte skin care.  I was going on holiday to South Africa and the flight was 18 hours in total with one 8 hour stop over in London.   I figured that I could use the help.  After finally arriving and checking  into The Chobe Safari Lodge I decided that that night before bed i would try one of the patches.   The box contains 4 packettes of 2 single use patches.  When I first applied the patches they felt very cool on my skin, they can also be placed into a refrigerator to make them colder.   I didn’t know what to expect, I had serious dark circles, dryness from flying and puffiness under my eyes.   I applied the patches under my eye on the orbital bone and left them on for 15 – 20  minutes while relaxing and trying not to fall asleep.  The skin around my eyes immediately felt cool, and hydrated.   When I took them off,  I gently patted in any left over gel into my skin.   I followed with my eye cream.   The puffiness and dark circles were  gone, my fine lines were less visible and the skin around the eye area felt very soft.


The patches are placed under the eyes directly on the orbital bone area.  The patches are soaked in  jellified algae and coconut oil that help with hydration and brightening in 15 minutes.  All skin types can use this product, even contact lens wearers.

 Based on a consumer use study of 33 women, immediately after use:
– 100% said skin around the eyes appeared softer and more hydrated
– 96% said skin around the eyes appeared less puffy
– 90% said skin around the eyes appeared brighter
– 88% noticed an improvement in crow’s feet

With 6 days left in the trip I ran out of my eye cream and  I could not pick up another one.   I decide to use my patches as a replacement eye cream every 2 days.  This strategy kept my skin hydrated, and the fine lines less visible, until I returned home and could use my eye cream once again.

I would definitely recommend this product, the cost is $29.00 Canadian and can be found at Sephora.







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