Why I chose to Knit again:

I started to knit when around the age of 15, my aunt taught me.  I stopped knitting when I left home at 19 to go to college, I didn’t have the time anymore.   I put away my knitting needles for many years.  When my children were born, I only made a few things for them but nothing crazy, it was hard to finish a project that they might outgrow before I was finished.  I just found there was limited time to knit and still run the house efficiently.  Fast forward 22 years and I am knitting again.

I found a cute project on Pintrest last fall, mini christmas stockings.   I wanted to make these so I could put the cutlery in them for Christmas Day dinner.  I downloaded the pattern and made 20 mini stockings in a few weeks.  I was making at least 2 a day,  but things were not getting done in the house all the time.  i.e.- dishes in the sink, laundry being delayed,  dinner a bit later.  I was hoping that everyone would take their mini-stocking home but no one did.  I was wasn’t sure whether to feel happy that I didn’t have to make more or insulted that maybe they didn’t like it.


Here we are in December again,  and my knitting needles are calling my name once again.  Maybe it’s the cold weather that has me thinking of making something warm to wear.  Not sure.  I saw a beautiful shawl on Instagram, I researched it and found the pattern.  I am making a shawl now.  I  find that knitting relaxes me and sometimes I find myself thinking of my Aunt  (she passed away many years ago) .  When I needed help with a project or things were going wrong with a pattern I was working on she was always there to help me out.


My daughter saw the large chunky blankets that are all over pintrest, I figured I could easily make it, so we looked for a pattern, needles and yarn. I bought the needles at the Granny Bird’s Wool Shop in Bobcaygeon.   I bought the 25 mm or 50 US circular needles.  These are huge,  I then went to Michael’s and bought  Bernat Big Blanket yarn.   So now I’m working on two projects at the same time.  I’m hoping this chunky blanket will not take me too long to make and then I can try to finish the shawl, which is a bit more complex.


I will post the finished project, hoping it won’t take too long.

I have finished the big blanket here it is, now to finish my shawl..IMG_5891

Keep warm.






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