Making the jump to a Mirrorless Camera-

So I made the jump from my Canon 6D DSLR camera to the mirrorless Canon EOS R6 Mark II camera. I have been thinking of getting a mirrorless camera but could figure out which model to get. I tested the EOS R6 a few times and thought this was the one I wanted until the new one came out, so I decided that new one was the one to get.

I picked up my new camera a few weeks ago and have been playing with all the features. Amazing ….so many features that my DSLR doesn’t have – i was floored and have to learn to use them. I finally was able to download the new photos with the newest version of LR, the older version wouldn’t support the newest model – after downloading the photos I was very pleased with he quality and how much sharper they were. Here is a sample of a photo I took.





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