Traveling again 

A few weeks ago we decided to go on a short trip to Nassau Bahamas. We arrived at the airport almost 3 hours ahead of our flight.  The line to check in was massive – finally we slowly made our was to check in our bags.  After going through security, and yes all my bags weee flagged not sure why – they didn’t even open them just went down the other ramp. Must be my camera equipment, my lens ball 💯 percent.    After collecting my things , we proceeded to our gate. Had time to walk around , check out duty free and got in line for a coffee- then time to board our plane.  Very smooth , no issues – all boarded – masks are mandatory which is ok.  A full breakfast – for purchase of course. After a relatively straight forward – almost normal flight we arrived in Nassau Bahamas.

After getting through immigration we were on our way to our hotel.

It actually feels great to be able to get away again.

The downside is that we had to arrive at the airport way earlier than normal, have lots of documentation with us – ie covid test results, vaccination passport. Another downside is that after 20 months of this pandemic and mask wearing – people STILL don’t wear their masks properly – so annoying – the lady in front of us on the flight kept taking her mask off and leaving it off, like really – we would all love to do this but don’t . Again standing in line waiting for immigration, people not social distancing, masks not on properly- I was having a mild panic attack where I wanted to yell – put your masks on properly but of course wouldn’t.

But once we got to our room – all my anxiety went away. Now I can relax and hopefully have some fun.

This view makes it all worth it

Getting down to the beach and feeling the Caribbean sun on my body felt so amazing. I realized that we took travelling when ever we wanted for granted. I sat by the pool reading my book and just relaxing – no worries just me. My hubby and boys were golfing everyday so I only had myself to think about – a much needed mental health re-boot. We went to the Casino at Baha Mar one night for dinner and gambling. We were lucky we made reservations for dinner – as the restaurant was packed. After dinner we all gambled for a bit – nothing crazy – i was playing the 25 cent slot machines. It was surprising to see how may people were in there – our taxi driver told us that all the hotels are booked solid until the first week of December and that many conventions are starting to come back- the island is back to where they were. People are working again.

Although I was a bit nervous, I’m very happy that I decided to go on this mini vacation, got the travel bug again and can’t wait to go on another trip.




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