Beauty review – Heaven New Edition Cleansing cream/sampler pack-

I recently received my prize that I had won on twitter from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. I started following Heaven last year on Twitter, the company Heaven is a skin care line from England. Deborah runs contests so you can try her products. Last November I won a sampler pack of her products and a new edition cleansing cream. I finally received my prize about 3 weeks ago – not sure if the original package got lost somewhere in the mail or because of all the fights not being allowed to enter Canada from the UK around that time, the package was MIA. Deborah was kind enough to re-send the prize – as she often asks via twitter if you haven’t received your prize to DM her. Once I got the sampler package and cream cleanser first, I started trying the products straight away, stopped my regular skin care so I can see how my skin felt and looked.

I got 6 – 10 ml sample products to try. 2 cleansers, 3 hydrogels, 1 bee polish and 1 youthful moisturizer. I was intrigued with the hydrogels – ever since I remember I have used a toner and this was a change for me.

I started with the Orange Flower Cell Renewal hydrogel. This one is helps with anti- aging by adding moisture to the skin, Vitamin C and orange neroli helps to restore balance and maintain oil levels in the skin, you can also use this around the eyes. A 10ml sample lasted quite a while, my skin looked more rested, I have mylasma on my cheeks, I found the dark patches to be a little bit lighter but again I only used this for a few weeks before I finished the sample.

I tried the Chamomile Hydrogel when my finished my Orange Flower Cell Renewal. I also got a sample of this one with my order – so I technically have 20 ml – lucky me. This one helps redness, and other sensitivity issues such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Ingredients such as chamomile, echinacea and organic which hazel are anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce redness. I found this has really been working. I have damaged skin above my lip – a waxing incident that damaged my skin – the area has been red and nothing I have tried seems to work. I have gone to the dermatologist, she prescribed a cream, but still nothing worked. Cover up doesn’t help much unless I use full face make-up which I don’t like to do everyday. I feel very self conscious about this area, I have never had skin issues ever and not being able to heal this area has been frustrating. This is truly the first product that has taken some of the redness away, not irritated looking and it covers up much better than it did before. I have only used this for about a week and a half but excited to see how my skin will be after using it for longer.

I haven’t tried the Peppermint Hydrogel yet. This one rebalances the PH levels in the skin. Refines pores and removes shine on the T-zone. I may try this one once the humidy comes and my skin gets much oilier.

I tried both cleansers – Hydro Cleansing Milk and New Edition Cleanser. I liked the hydro-cleansing milk but my favourite is the New Edition Cleanser. This cleanser which contains bee venom helps to tighten and firm the skin. The cleanser also contains Vitamin A which helps resurface and repair the skin cells. My skin feels very soft after using this cleanser and I love the light scent, its not too noticeable and very pleasant.

I will have to place an order for some of these products in larger sizes, hopefully the Canadian dollar will co-operate lol

If you get the chance to try these products I would totally recommend you do.




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