New Year – New Puppy?

With the New Year we officially became a dog family with the addition of a puppy! Yes a puppy – what are we thinking … 7 weeks ago my youngest told us that he wanted to get a puppy with or without our blessing he was bringing one home – of all my children, my youngest would be the one to do do this,  so we conceded.   We picked Maverick  up this past Sunday from the breeder, he’s a border collie.

The breeder was an hour and half car ride away from our house.  On the ride home – first he was quiet and looking out the window.  As the drive continued he thew up in the car – once settled he slept a bit. We were told to crate trainer him right from day one.  So that night when we put him the crate, he whimpered a bit but then fell asleep, every two hours we woke him to take him out to do his business.

This whole week has been a huge adjustment for us and for Maverick as well.  He is adjusting well and has only had a few accidents.  He is slowly learning what and where he can go and do.  For the most part he has been really good.  I signed him up for Puppy Kindgarden, which he starts next week.  First class is for the owners and then he will start puppy training the week after.

Maverick has won me over – surprise, surprise – but I can tell that once he is out of his puppy stage he will be a great dog to have around  – he’s calm and loves being around people.  Now  we just have to survive the puppy stage and all the adventures that go with it…..





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