Staycation 2020-

With the pandemic hitting us in March, so many travel plans on hold, I had to re-think 2020 and what I could do that was local. A few of the photography workshops I signed up for were postponed. I had a lot of time looking up what was a short drive from my house that I hadn’t explored.

As some of the restrictions started to lift, I decided to go for a short drive and see what I could find. After using google and pintrest, I figured out that there are some really great hiking trails close by and lots of waterfalls. It was a perfect balance, with planning I could get out of the house early and be back in time to still do my “mom” duties.

My first hike was to Balls Falls Conservation Area, which in the Niagara Region, about 1.5 hour drive from my house. After parking the car, got my camera gear and heading down the trail towards the village and upper falls. It was a short hike, after taking some photos i ventured to the lower falls… I walked down to the river to get a better vantage point of the the falls. Loved the sound of the water rushing, so therapeutic and relaxing. Some kids were cliff jumping into the water. After some time I headed to the top of the waterfall. Such a great view and loved the walk.

My next adventure took me to Sherman Falls which is about 1 hour and 5 min drive from the house, after parking the car and walking a few meters I was stunned by the beauty of these falls. These falls are located on private property with a short pathway from the road, since I arrived early there weren’t too many people yet. I was able to enjoy the falls and take a bunch of photos without large crowds around. I decided to hike to see Tiffany Falls, I took the pathway for about 35 min and when I got to the bridge, I discovered it was all boarded up due to Covid 19, the falls was closed…. apparently the platform isn’t big enough to warrant social distancing. I was a bit upset as I was so close.. I couldn’t even sneak in as I’d have to go through the river and I really didn’t feel like getting totally wet, I’m hoping to get back there when we get a snowfall, as I think it’ll be a beautiful spot and easy to get to when it’s colder out.


There are a bunch of waterfalls in the area, which I had no clue about, I have gotten the bug and will try and see as many as I can this year, but with this heat wave and lack of rain, the waterfalls might just be a trickle by the time I get around to seeing them. I tried to go to Decew Falls just the other day and again it was closed due to too many crowds and Covid. It’s getting a bit frustrating as many places I’d like to go and photograph are off limits because people can’t be clean or social distance. Hoping to see if a few other places on my list will be open.

Where have your travelled this year?? Are you staying close to home??? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to this past summer




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