FOTD – July 22, 2020

FOTD – July 22, 2020 for Cee’s FOTD challenge – Lavender


Last week I visited Laveanne Lavender Farm so many beautiful blooms, it was such a relaxing spot with its own Labyrinth. Rows and rows of Lavender. We bought some lavender sugar cookies – wow is the only word, I never would have thought you can add Lavender in cooking and have it taste so good. Such a beautiful farm, well worth the visit, will definately go back.




4 thoughts on “FOTD – July 22, 2020

  1. Oh wow! I absolutely love these photographs. I’m an aromatherapist and Lavender is one of my favourite essential oils. Its therapeutic benefits are so far-reaching. I’m never without it in my handbag. Thank you so much for sharing your stunning photographs with us.

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