24 hrs in Tokyo –

Our last stop on our SouthAsian trip was Tokyo, we had been in contact with our travel agent to make sure we were still ok to stop there, as Covid 19 was circulating widely in Italy and seemed to be spreading, it was early March.   We had a few apprehensions but decided to to stop for a few days as planned.  When we left Singapore it was hot and sunny, we landed 6 hours later to cold and rain.  It was around 1 degree Celsius, a significant drop from what we had become accustomed too.  I pulled out my warmer coat, hat and gloves.  We took a taxi from the airport to our hotel.

We had booked the Ritz- Carlton Tokyo, in Minato city – midtown.  The main lobby was on the 45th floor.   Once we checked in, a Geisha girl brought us up to our room,  where she went over all the amenities etc in the hotel.  Once she left we noticed that there was a box of chocolate/cookies  waiting for us to enjoy.  Our view was of the Tokyo Tower.  After checking in we went out for a short walk to find a place to eat.  After dinner we walked for a bit longer than headed back to the hotel, had a few drinks in the Lobby Lounge.

The next morning we headed out fairly early to catch a tour of the city,  it was rainy and cold again.  We ended up staying on the hop on hop off bus for a bit longer so we wouldn’t get wet.  We got off at Senso-ji Temple, it was still drizzling but we were able to see the sights in the area.  After walking around the market, we tried to find where to jump back on the hop-on-hop off bus, not as easy as we thought- we ended up walking and finding the Tokyo Olympic store and some other stores, we bought a couple of things with Tokyo 2020 on it – now no olympics until 2021 hopefully and we have a few souvenirs from a event that may never happen.  That night we had dinner at Innsyoutei  restaurant which is located in Ueno Onshi Park and is traditional Japanese cuisine. It was a bit hard to find,  we  walked past it a few times before we figured out which door it was and that it was indeed open.  Such a great ambience inside, we had our own room.  Had a few drinks in the hotel lounge, and planned our last day in Tokyo.

We walked to the where the olympic stadium was, just to have a look as it was fenced off and still being worked on, then we took the subway to the Shinjuku area.  The restaurant we were looking for was actually closed due to Covid 19.  The sun was shining and it was a bit warmer, but still needed a hat and warmer jacket. We were flying out that evening at 5:30 pm so we had the day to explore,  after Shinjuku we went to Minato , to visit the Tokyo Skytree. There were no lines ups, we went to the observation skydeck.  At one point we were the only ones up there, the views were spectacular all around, you could see for miles.  After our visit we headed back to the hotel,  we found out that our flight was delayed until 9:30 pm, so we decided to have something to eat in the lounge.  I decided on the high tea with a glass of champagne.  As we were getting ready to go to the airport, our flight was once again delayed until 11:30 pm, we sat in the lounge and had more drinks and food until it was time to leave for the airport for our journey home.  Part of me was relieved that we were finally going home, not knowing what we were going to come back to.  We were hearing so much news of what was happening in Italy, the UK, the US and Canada were still “untouched” as far as we knew, we had no idea how our lives would change not even a week after returning home.

What areas of Tokyo do you like best, did I miss some great parts of the city that I should have seen??




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