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Big thanks to Cass over at Uniquely Cass – go over to her page and give her a follow – the rules of this tag is  – discuss your good reading habits, tag back to the original creator, and tag a few friends!

Goodreads –

I got the Goodreads app last spring.  I read quite a bit, but was intrigued with this app, since I don’t read regularly it’s easy for me to fall off of the reading wagon.  This app keeps me accountable and reminds me to read ….. its fun to track your progress.  It’s great to see the progress of your friends and what new books they are reading. It also gives me ideas of what books might be of interest to myself.   The app also has a reading challenge/goals for the amount of books you wish to read in a year.  I keep mine low at 4- I find I don’t always hav the time to read, I read the most in the summer on the dock, or by the pool, so for now my goal is perfect for me to hopefully attain.  My books are in many forms, I have some books on my i-pad/phone,  and I have books.  My preference is books, I like the way they feel when I’m reading, sometimes cheating and looking ahead to see what could happen.  But since I don’t have room to store books anymore I do like the i-pad.  I like to read all sorts of books, my favourite I must confess are spy novels or thrillers with a spy component.  I find them very intriguing, and books that are series .. I will read them all once I start and there is nothing better than a new novel coming out with your favourite characters.

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