A Cozy Winter Tag

Thank you Cass at Uniquely Cass for this tag…. as always great for this time of year.

The Rules

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1. Green Christmas or White Christmas?

  • definitely a white christmas, way to weird for me to have a green Christmas


2. Would you rather snuggle up with a blanket or go outside and play in the snow?

  • I love being outdoors, especially at the Lake or even getting out for a few hours cross-country skiing , don’t get me wrong sitting under the blanket in front of the fire is a great place to be as well – will do that most evenings


3. How do you typically celebrate New Year’s?

  • I am really lame, we will go out with friends if its organized, if we can get to cottage that is my favourite was to spend New’s Years – other than that I’m in bed before midnight

4. Favorite winter food?

  • I love everything comfort – soups are my favourite – home made of course , anything I can put in the crock pot is easy and tastes good

5. What is your favorite seasonal drink?

  • that would be coffee with Bailys or hot chocolate with Bailys – as you can see anything with Baileys,   a cup of tea as well

6. How early do you decorate for Christmas?

  • well, christmas is my favourite time of year, so I will start mid November, usually around the Toronto Christmas Parade. it can take me up to a week or longer  to get my decorations outside and inside done , this way I’m  fully done by the end of November and then the tree goes up about the 2nd week of Dec and that will take a day to do, maybe longer if its really big – we get a real one every year

7. Do you enjoy the cold weather or do you get anxious for spring to come?

  • since i love the outdoors, i’m at my happiest in the winter, I always hope I can still get out into mid march , I don’t use the gym much in the winter and spend my time outside instead, so the longer I can ski or skate the better for me

8. Do you have any special holiday traditions?

  • I grew up in a European family so we have lots of traditions that are very different from North America and I have tried to pass this down to my own family – except the food part as my kids won’t eat the same things I was brought up on – our main day for celebration is Christmas Eve, we don’t typically eat meat, only fish (this has since been a bit modified for my kids when they were young), my mom makes
    Borscht, pirogies and fish for dinner.  My dad is still very strict that these dishes be served, its not christmas eve to him with out these dishes.  We open our gifts after dinner or as close to midnight as possible, we try to get to mass.  Christmas day is for visiting people or having people come by for dinner.  Its not as important as Christmas Eve.

9. What is your idea of a perfect winter day?

  • thats a tough one-  I would love to spend the perfect day cross country skiing and not having to worry about the time, and what can get better than lazy snow falling while I’m outside – not too cold but not too warm that the snow is sticky – thats my perfect day

10. What’s the best part about winter?

  • the best part of winter is that everthing feels fresh and new beginnings emerge, I like how its dark early and feels like you can stay in bed forever, but then reality hits and you can’t

11. What’s your favorite movie set in the winter season? (Not necessarily a Christmas movie)

  • a christmas themed market or outdoor skating rink through the woods somewhere or even skiing in either the Alps or Rocky Mountains

12. What do you hate about winter?

  • the dirty snow
  • the way people forget to drive – seems like everyone leaves there brains at home when it comes to winter driving
  • my pet peeve  – people not PUTTING WINTER TIRES ON YOUR VEHICLES


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