Lens-Artists Challenge #73 – COLD

Here is my take on Lens-Artists Challenge #73 – COLD hosted by Tina.  Living in Canada we have many cold months of  COLD  – so every opportunity to get out and take photos is great – even with your fingertips start to freeze.



This is my attempt at freezing bubbles – still working in this technique – this image was actually taken with my cell phone, before it burst  – I wasn’t having much luck with my nifty-fifty or my reverse ring  – I don’t own a macro lens – so I pulled out the cell phone.


Cross country skiing is my favourite activity in winter and I get out as often as I can – no matter the temperature – the colder it is the crisper the snow and air.

















This one was taken with my reverse ring – last January when it was  -30 C – for a few weeks – I clearly need to practice with this little gadget – maybe Santa will be nice and put a macro lens under the tree 🤣🤣


For my final photo for COLD – icicles forming on all the trees outside – what a beautiful site –






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