Cool and unusual places to visit –

I visited  Burleigh’s Falls – this is a 30 min drive from our cottage.  Burleigh’s Falls is in Buckhorn, ON, just past Lock 28, in Kawartha Lakes.   The falls are more horizontal than vertical therefore calling it a chute. I had to get onto the rocks close to the river to find a good spot to take a few photos. On the drive back we stopped at Kawartha Country Wines.  This is a small winery, they have wines and apple cider that is brewed on site.  We bought some cider, and it was very good, they went so fast I couldn’t get a photo of the bottles.



Another unique place I explored was the Brockville Railway Tunnel.  You are probably wondering how I found this … while fiddling around on Pinterest one day, I came across pictures of this colourful, cool tunnel – I googled and found it was in Brockville – I decided to go for a drive and have a look.  It was longer drive  than I thought but worth exploring,  best to stop there on your way to Ottawa /Montreal – if you are coming from Toronto and area.  It ended up being a full day, but I didn’t mind the drive.  Before the tunnel closed, I wanted to check it out.  They had their Halloween theme nights, which just ended this past weekend.




mariola daher _ rainbow



Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is another place I got tot visit this fall.  This park is located in Mono which is near Orangeville, ON.  Great trails for hiking, there is a laminated map at the beginning of the entrance, the only problem is that it doesn’t list how many km’s each trail is … therefore making it harder to plan your time.  We found some old apple trees that must have been part of an orchard at one time, the apples were tiny but very tasty.   The views are spectacular from the lookout point.  Trails are well marked, since its autumn the colours are spectacular.   I arrived around 10:30 am and there was plenty of parking, the machine only accepts Visa, MC and cash (but not bills only coins) its $15.50 for the day and of course who has that much change on them.  I actually left the parking lot and found street parking.  It wasn’t as busy as I thought it might be for a Saturday in October… tons of great colours, but reds were definitely gone.


Have you discovered any great areas in your own back yard?? Is it someplace you would recommend?





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