Hiking Egypt Falls, NS –

Last week while we were at Cabot Links in Inverness NS, we decided to go on a hike to Egypt Falls.  Since I’m not a golfer I decided to google hiking trails around the area, I came across photos of Egypt Falls, since it was close to where we were staying we decided to go.

We chose to go the Friday morning, since there were no tee times set up, as we were driving back to Halifax that day.   When we woke up it was raining out , like really raining, pouring actually.  I didn’t really want to venture out in that weather and was hoping our friends would feel the same and cancel.  Low and behold they were still on board to go as was my hubby.  They were going with or without me, since I was the one that really wanted to go, I decided I should go.  Hoping the weather would get better, we jumped in the car and punched in the address.  The drive was spectacular, mountains  with rolling hills, fog in the background.  Trees starting to change colour and yet the rain just kept coming.  We finally turned onto Egypt Falls Road and proceeded to find the entrance to the trail. Driving down the dirt road, we passed an orange marker, as we drove by it, we thought that might have been the entrance.  We turned the car around and parked.  We walked into the trail,  fingers crossed that it actually was the trail. Since the trail is on Private Property, there was a sign but we kept going.  I read about this on Trip Advisor so I knew we were ok to go into the trail and the girl at the visitor information centre gave me specific instructions on how to get to the falls.   It was still raining but as we started walking,  the trees acted like an umbrella so we didn’t get as wet as I thought we would.


Walking down the trail was amazing, the trail was fairly easily marked (orange spray pain on trees) so we were confident we were on the right path.  On parts of the trail there were trees that are so smooth, it looked liked they were sanded down, but I think that so many people are touching these trees to hold on that they go smooth.  After about 20 min we could hear the rush of water, then we found the ropes that guided us the last 120 metres to the bottom of  the falls.  The rush of the water was so cool, the sound was so calming.  I almost forgot it was raining.


Now it was time to get some photos – so breathtaking, the falls were rushing down the rocks.  I didn’t bring my tripod so I couldn’t get any long exposure pictures.  Next time I visit any falls I will bring my tripod.  After hanging out and grabbing some photos we decided to go back.  There were so many mushrooms, mosses and leaves all over the forest floor – I almost wished I had a macro lens to capture the beauty.  The hike back to the car was all uphill, thank goodness the large tree roots were in the path, they acted like steps.  Since it was raining we were the only people at the falls, we had the whole place to ourselves.  When we got to our car, another car drove past us and then turned around and asked us about where the entrance was, after letting them know they were in the right spot we may our way back to the house.  I am so happy I decided to go and not chicken out because of the rain.  I would defiantly recommend this hike, its fairly easy (except the last 120 m, can be challenging for some) but if you can,  avoid a wet day, as the leaves can get slippery.  You will not be disappointed.  If I’m lucky enough to get to the area again, I will do this hike once more with my tripod in tow…..




We are always looking for new places to explore, where would you recommend a good hiking trail that isn’t crazy difficult and too long??




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