Guerlain – Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Serum –

Guerlain has launched Abeille Royale double R Renew & Repair serum.  This serum has a soft peel effect on the skin along with anti-aging ingredients.  The soft peel will promote skin renewal at a quicker rate.  It takes your skin  30 days to renew itself, as we age this process gets longer.  With regular use of Double R your epidermis will renew itself  without any irritation.   As a result the skin texture is smoother, wrinkles and pore size are minimized,  giving your skin a radiant glow to it.

Renew formula uses 3 types of AHA ‘s which are diffused gradually so that your skin will renew itself quicker, without any irritation, discomfort or redness to the skin.   With the gentle peeling action your skin with re-new itself 2x as quickly, enhances that conditon of the skin along and restoring radiance to the skin.

The Repair formula has collagen and hyaluronic acid in it so that the skin’s structure is restored,  repaired,  with a tightening effect.


These are the Test results –  2 studies – (32 women* for 1 month, using twice a day)  & (60 women **, using twice a day for 1 month)

– Radiance: +46%*

– Skin is smoother for 100% of women**

– Pores are less visible for 95% of women**

– Lifting effect on the face: +10%*

– Skin’s elasticity is improved for 100% of women**

– Wrinkles are less visible for 98% of women**


Directions for use

Apply the face and neck, morning and evening after cleansing and before using your cream. Apply the product with both hands at the same time starting in the middle of the face and moving outwards from the chin, the nose and the middle of the forehead.

You will notice that serum is in two chambers, and will mix in your hand.  One side is a cream base and the other a honey jelly.  The scent is light, with a hint of honey.  After using this luxurious cream,  for a few weeks, my skin has felt softer, lines have become softer  and looks healthier overall.

Let me know your thoughts on this serum?  Of all the serums you have tried which is your favourite??







3 thoughts on “Guerlain – Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Serum –

  1. I am smitten with this product. I noticed right away how soft my skin felt and i also love the scent. I have never fell in love with a product so fast!! This is definitely worth the splurge & you can’t argue with the results. I received a week supply (14 sachets) but will definitely be purchasing this when they are done! Great review!!

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