Why use a face scrub and mask?

Hello Lovelies…

Using a face scrub is a very important step in any skin care regime.  A scrub should be used at least once a week,  there are some brands of scrub that are gentle enough to used daily – after building your skin to tolerate exfoliation daily.  Getting the correct scrub is important, you don’t want to get a scrub with jagged edges that could scratch you skin and grains that are too big.  The best ones to get are the round spheres that won’t damage your skin.  I like to use the Clarins facial scrub or Clinique 7 day scrub.  Both are brands I like to use.  Dead skin accumulates,  inhibiting your skin from benefitting what your cream has to offer as it can’t penetrate past all the dead skin.  Once you remove the dead skin, your face creams will work better and you will see results.  How to use – squeeze a bit out of the tube, add some water, gently apply to the skin in a circular motion, scrubbing ever so gently and then rinse off.  You can follow-up with a masque or simply continue with your skin care regime. Your skin will be less dull/muddy looking.

Equally important is a face mask – anywhere from a deep cleansing mask to a hydrating one – depending on what your skin needs at the moment.  Currently I am using the Clarins SOS cleansing mask.  This way I am removing any impurities that is on my skin.  The SOS cleansing mask is non-drying creamy texture that removes any impurities and tightens the skin.  After applying, leave on for about 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.  Follow with your serum/cream and then your eye cream.


I find these 2 products will help keep your skin not only clean but will improve the luminescence of your complexion, especially as the seasons change.  These 2 skin care products can be used by both women and men.  Now that we are leaving the summer behing and saying a big helllo to fall, a hydrating mask might be in my future, as I tend to need more hydration in the coming months.

What  products do you like to use to keep your skin looking its best?







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