My weekend in Halifax

A few weeks back on a Friday morning we boarded an Air Canada flight for Halifax. I’ve been to the west coast of Canada quite a few times but have never gone past Quebec City. We are going to tour Dalhousie university with my youngest son. I have mixed feelings about him applying to go so far away from home. My other two attended Carlton University in Ottawa, a city I have grown to love.

Halifax is much farther, the plane ride is about 2 and a half hours, driving is 17-18 hours…. Something we won’t do very often that’s for sure.

When we arrived we checked into the Westin hotel, downtown Halifax. We had lunch at the hotel restaurant while we waited for our room to be ready. The boys ordered the standard burger but I had to try the seafood chowder. I was determined to get my fill of fresh seafood on this trip. I was not disappointed, my soup arrived full of mussels, scallops, shrimp and lobster pieces. The soup was so fresh tasting, not heavy.   After checking in, it was time to tour the university. We walked the 2 km to the school. Our walk was mostly up hill, another surprise about Halifax. Being by the Atlantic Ocean the weather changes constantly, we landed in a foggy downpour, then the sun come out while the rain stopped then the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. We found it too cold and windy to walk back to hotel so we had to call a taxi ( no Uber either). 😏
We found a great place to have dinner Hamachi Steakhouse Bar and Grill on Bishops Landing, The restaurant is right on the boardwalk and would be a great place in the summer overlooking the harbour, it was fairly early on the Friday night when we walked in. We were seated right away. The boys ordered steak, my friend had a salad with calamari on the side and I had the 1 pound lobster. The food again was a huge hit. I’m not a foodie or make a habit of taking pictures of my food but what a presentation for a lobster. Price was $36, reasonable.  Nothing beats a fresh lobster.


The next morning was Saturday November 11th, which is Remembrance Day. We did not take this into account when we planned our time in Halifax. We found out from the front desk at the hotel that everything in town was closed to honour the holiday.  This was a bit of a shock for us, coming from the Toronto area where everything is always open. We managed to find a breakfast place that was open and then we walked along the harbour front. We walked to the Immigration Museum. This is the port that all the ships came to from Europe, full of immigrants looking to build a new life in Canada. My father was on one of these ships. After the second world war, he lived in England for quite a few years and then he and his brother got a job in Canada.  I found the ship that my dad, uncle and aunt came over on in 1951. It was very cool, i sent the picture to my mom and she said my dad was very happy that I was able to find the ship. My friend found the ship her parents came over in from Italy in 1952. Very cool.  Then we rented a car and drove to Peggy’s Cove, which is a 45 minute drive. The drive was very picturesque. The wind was very strong coming off the Atlantic ocean and seeing the iconic lighthouse of Canada was incredible.  From there we drove back to the city and by then it was time for dinner. We chose Murphy’s Restaurant on lower water street, not many people in there only 6 in total and we were 4, but I must say our experience was great. The food and service were both great, nothing to complain about. I had the lobster again …. yes I  know predictable but when on the east coast I had to get my fill of seafood.


The next morning I woke up early and was out on the pier at 7 am for a walk. I took my camera and captured the sunrise. I’m not typically a morning person but I must admit it was great to get out before everyone else and get some great shots of the boardwalk and the sunrise. I walked for about an hour and then headed back to the hotel to wake up my son. We all had breakfast, then we packed and headed to the airport to head back home.


As this is the university of choice for my son, I’m excited for him but saddened at the same time.   I want him to spread his wings and fly and live his life, but as his mom and since he’s my baby I’d like him a bit closer to home.  I realize that its only a 2.5 hour plane ride  but I’d rather he be closer by car, again that is me just being a little bit selfish.  Time will tell if he gets into the program of his choice.










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