7 -Day chip resistant nail polishes to try at home:

As an avid Shellac wearer there are times I need to give my nails a break by either wearing  nothing on my nails or regular polish. Regular polish just doesn’t seem to last for me more than a day , two if I’m lucky.  Or the latter, wearing nothing but after having Shellac on my nails for a while,  I find my nails are weak and break often.  So when Essie and CND Vinylux  came out with gel polishes that don’t  need a UV light, I jumped at the chance to try it.

First I tried the Essie. I was impressed with how fast the polish dried, about 10 min for 2 coats, and then applies the recommended top coat,  but I waited at least 30 -40 minutes before I started using my hands, as I was afraid to mess up my polish, but no need to wait that long as it was dry.   The polish lasted about 10 days before I had to remove it.   I did find as I used the polish a few more times the wear time grew less, about 7 days and I also found the polish once I used about 1/4 of the bottle got a bit thicker.  But the wear time is certainly longer than a regular polish.

Essie polish and top coat

Next I tried CND Vinylux , polish and top coat, which I received with my chick advisor premium subscription. The CND polish took about 6 min to dry, repeating with another coat and then the  top coat. The CND polish lasted 7 days but my hands were in water quite a bit that week, and I did smudge one nail as I did not wait my usual time of at least 30 min.  I’ve only used this polish a few times so I still don’t know if it’ll thicken up as I continue to use it.

CND Vinyl polish and top coat


Overall I’m extremely pleased with both polishes and would recommend them, especially if you are after  a polish that lasts 7 days, without re-applying.  Each polish/top coat retails from  $11.99 -$13.99 depending on where you shop.  The best part is the polish is removed with regular nail polish remover and not pure acetone (which can weaken and damage the natural nail).

I hope you enjoy this product as much as I have. It’s been a pleasant change from Shellac without the worry that my polish will chip soon after a manicure.




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