How to get a Gel Home Manicure 💅🏻

I really like the way my nails look after I get a shellac manicure, but the removal is what I’m not thrilled with. The last few times I’ve gone, they always bring the drill out to remove the polish, even if I ask them not to use it, they still do, I’m finding in my area, more salons are doing this now.  As a result, when I finally took off my shellac about 2 months ago my nails have these huge dents in them and look horrible. I have been using a nail strengthener by Vitry.   My nails have become stronger at the base but still a bit thin at the tip from using the drill, waiting patiently until the top part grows out.

I have been using Essie quick dry nail polish for occasions the need polish.  A few weeks ago I decided to buy a lamp, so I can do a Gel manicure at home.

I bought the ABox Star 2 UV Led lamp from amazon for $48.99 CND.  I also picked up the OPI base and top coat, and OPI bubble bath polish.


Since I had time this morning I decided to give myself a mini-manicure and try out my UV -Led light.

I started with shaping my nails, applying cuticle remover and soaking the nails for a few minutes, then I pushed back my cuticles and trimmed any unruly ones off.  I applied some cuticle cream.  I removed any excess cream from the nails with rubbing alcohol.  Then I applied a thin coat of OPI base coat – I cured it for 90 sec.  I then applied a thin coat of colour – cured it for 90 sec. then another coat -for another 90 sec.  After that I applied the top coat.  After curing it for 90 sec again, there was a bit of tacky residue, so i took a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and cleaned it off – Voila a great set of looking nails.



Do you do your own gel nails?  What is your favourite colour?  How long does your at home gel mani last, any tips you can offer a newbie at this?


M 💞


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