Non golfer at Pebble Beach 🏖-

A few months ago, my husband and his friends planned a golf trip to Pebble Beach, this time the wives were to be part this  golf trip.  My first thought was  I don’t golf, what will I do, a few of the other wives golf so I really wasn’t sure how this would go.  As the trip got closer I decide to look up where we were staying, which was The Inn at Spanish Bay.  Pebble Beach has a great webpage/App that I looked up to see what was going on.

Day 1 – We arrived in Pebble Beach, where  a shuttle bus waiting for us at the  San Francisco airport.  There were 15 of us which meant our own bus.   Since my husband and I arrived in San Francisco the day before we met everyone at the airport.   The drive was about 2 2/12 hours to Pebble Beach.  The sun was shining and it was warm.  After checking in, we met downstairs to watch and listen to the bagpiper (plays every night rain or shine).  As we were sitting outside the clouds grew grayer and it started to rain.  We ran for cover.  That night we ate at Roy’s At Pebble Beach, we all went to bed early as the time change and travel day was hard for everyone.



Day 2 – We woke up and it was raining, pouring in fact.  A few of us had booked horseback riding on the beach for 10 am.  Would the rain stop in time??  That was not to be, luckily it was cancelled because it was too dangerous for the horses, they could slip on the trails leading to the beach.  We had our breakfast and walked around the shops at Pebble Beach.  around lunch time the weather cleared up, I went for a walk on the board walk, to take some photos.  My friend and I are taking the Lexus test drive car  out to go  to Carmel by the sea and stop at some of the scenic routes along the way to take some pictures.  There were so many pretty shops in Carmel by the Sea, and cafe’s as well.  Since it was chilly outside and overcast none of the outdoor patios were open.   I saw the bag piper at sunset, so amazing, then we got ready to go to Monetary to have dinner at The Intercontinental Hotel.  By this time the rain started again and it was chilly, so we didn’t walk along the boardwalk, which would have been nice on a warmer evening after we finished dinner.


Day 3 –   When I woke up the sun was shining but it was still a bit cool, I went for a walk to catch the sunrise (about 5:30 am), it was so beautiful to see the sun rise and go for a walk along the boardwalk by the ocean, so peaceful.  I took some photos and then got ready for our hike at Point Lobos State Reserve.  We, by that I mean the ladies, left early around 9- 9:30 am.  It took us about 30 min to drive there, where we started our hike in the park.  We paid $10 for the car to enter the park & we  picked North Shore trail, which is 1.4 miles in length, we then linked  into Cyprus Grove trail which is 0.8 miles, the views from Cyprus Grove trail were stunning, with excellent views of Headland Cove.  We hiked back to Whalers point parking lot, where in the cove there was a seal swimming very close to the shore.

seal in the bay

From there we drove thru Monetary to Big Sur to have lunch at Nepenthe Restaurant where we had reservations for lunch.  The drive was so beautiful, however since we were running a bit late we couldn’t stop the car to take photos along the way.  Nepenthe sits 808 feet above sea level, most of the table face the ocean so the view is spectacular.  As well as the restaurant, there is a gift shop, and a coffee shop, check out their awesome webpage.

That night we had dinner at The Tap Room, which is a steak house at the Lodge.


Day 4 –  I ended our stay with a spa treatment,  their signature Pebble Beach Massage.  Where hot stones are incorporated into the massage.  It was a wonderful end to my stay at Pebble Beach resort, after checking out we boarded our bus to San Francisco where we would spend the night before catching our flight the next morning to Vancouver.

In San Francisco we stayed at the Aloft hotel by the Airport, a perfect place to stay if you have an early morning flight.  That night we ate at Sapore Italiano Restaurant, service and food was spectacular, would totally recommend if you are looking for a quaint restaurant near the airport. which is close to the airport, check them out.  We had our last night together as a group, such a fun getaway with great friends.

If you have been to any of the spots let me know your thoughts.

pebble beach-6


M 💞








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          1. I just looked it up. It’s about $500. Not bad considering what an epic course it is. Actually, I believe they have at least 3 courses. The tournament is coming up in a few weeks, February 7-10. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

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